Communications & Grants Research Forms

Public Information Service Project Request Form

Photo Release Form [PDF Format]

Travel/Conference/Mileage Expense Claim Form

Tax Exempt Certificate


Business Office Forms

Budget Modification Form [Zip Excel Download]

Budget Transfer [Zip Excel Download]

Charge/Credit Budget Transfer Form

Cross Contract Form Universal BOCES

Employee Timesheet Semimonthly Form [Fillable-PDF]

Expenditure Transfer [Zip Excel Download]

Expense Claim Form - Effective January 1st 2024 [Excel Download]

Expense Claim Form -  Effective January 1st 2024 [PDF]

FTE Change [Zip Excel Download]

Grant Setup [Zip Excel Download]

Inventory deletion form

Inventory deletion list

Internal Transfer [Zip Excel Download]

Per Diem Substitute Payment Form[Fillable-PDF]


Sub Calling Service [Aesop]


Tax Sheltered Annuities

On Line Forms for 403b Plan: https://www.omni403b.com/forms_SRA_403b.aspx

On Line Forms for 457 Plan: https://www.omni403b.com/forms_SRA_457.aspx


Employee Benefits

Empire BS/BS Alternate PPO Plan Handbook

Health Insurance Buy-Out Form

Summary of Benefits & Coverage for CD PHP (HMO)

Summary of Benefits & Coverage for DEHIC (Empire BCBS Alt. PPO)

Summary of Benefits & Coverage for MVP (HMO)


Benefits Information

Affordable Care Act

Accident Reports- Staff

Accident and Violent Incident Reports- Students

Dental Information

MedicareRx Rewards- Enrollment Guide



For Internal Use

Adult Dependent Election and Eligibility Form

Building Use Form

CD PHP Enrollment/Change Form

Dental Claim Form

DEHIC (Empire BSBS Alt PPO) Enrollment/Change Form

Mileage Chart for Itinerant Locations

Mileage Grid for Microcomputer Repair Staff [Zip Excel Format: Print to 11 X 17]

Mileage Grid for Microcomputer Repair Staff [PDF Format: Print to 11 X 17]

MVP Enrollment-Change Form

W4 Tax Form

W9 Tax Form

IT-2104 Tax Form [Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate]


Human Resource Forms HERE