Communications & Grants Research Forms

News Release Form

Got News? [PDF Format]

Media Materials Loan Request Form

Public Information Service Project Request Form

Media Release Form 2019-2020 - Under 18 [PDF Format]

Media Release Form 2019-2020 - Over 18 [PDF Format]



Business Office Forms

Budget Modification Form [Zip Excel Download]

Budget Transfer [Zip Excel Download]

Catering Menu

Catering Order Form 2016-2017 (Minimum of one week notice required)

Charge/Credit Budget Transfer Form

Cross Contract Form Universal BOCES

Emergency Contact Information [Fillable PDF]

Employee Timesheet Submission Form 2018-2019  - (Hourly/Daily) Employee Timesheet [PDF]

Employee Timesheet Submission Form (Hourly/Daily) Employee Timesheet [Zip Excel Download]

Expenditure Transfer [Zip Excel Download]

FTE Change [Zip Excel Download]

Grant Setup [Zip Excel Download]

Inventory deletion form

Inventory deletion list

Internal Transfer [Zip Excel Download]


Sub Calling Service [Aesop]


Tax Sheltered Annuities

On Line Forms for 403b Plan: https://www.omni403b.com/forms_SRA_403b.aspx

On Line Forms for 457 Plan: https://www.omni403b.com/forms_SRA_457.aspx


Employee Benefits

Empire BS/BS Alternate PPO Plan Handbook

Health Insurance Buy-Out Form

Summary of Benefits & Coverage for CD PHP (HMO)

Summary of Benefits & Coverage for DEHIC (Empire BCBS Alt. PPO)

Summary of Benefits & Coverage for MVP (HMO)

Benefits Information

Affordable Care Act

Accident Reports- Staff

Accident and Violent Incident Reports- Students

Dental Information


For Internal Use


Attendance Guideline

Adult Dependent Election and Eligibility Form

Building Use Form

CD PHP Enrollment/Change Form

Dental Claim Form

DEHIC (Empire BSBS Alt PPO) Enrollment/Change Form

Expense Claim Form 2022 - Effective July 1st 2022 - [Excel Download]

Expense Claim Form 2022 - Effective July 1st 2022 - [PDF]

Incidental Employee Request Form

Mileage Chart for Itinerant Locations

Mileage Grid for Microcomputer Repair Staff [Zip Excel Format: Print to 11 X 17]

Mileage Grid for Microcomputer Repair Staff [PDF Format: Print to 11 X 17]

MVP Enrollment-Change Form

W4 Tax Form

W9 Tax Form

IT-2104 Tax Form [Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate]


Human Resource Forms HERE


Additional Human Resource/Business Office Forms

Address Verification

Bloodborne Pathogens

Independent Contract Amendment Form

Independent Contract Request Form

Incidental Employee Agreement Amendment Form

Incidental Employee Agreement Request Form

Recommendation for Payment of Per Diem-Substitutes

Recommendation for Tenure

Staff Accident Report Forms

Student Incident Report Forms