BOCES In-District Classes

We offer a variety of specialized programs that are located in traditional school buildings. Our special education students are enrolled from Grades K – 12. They have mainstreaming opportunities as appropriate and receive related services. Given the diverse nature and needs of our students, we give teachers much flexibility to adapt instructional materials to the students’ level of understanding.

As parents and professionals, we are committed to serving members of our community. The instructional staff provides support for students in a structured and nurturing environment. Many of our students receive services in Physical/Occupational therapies, Speech/Language therapy, Vision and Mobility, and Counseling services. At Dutchess BOCES, we focus on student performance, employment readiness, acquisition of daily living skills, and annual yearly progress.



If you have any questions about our in-district classes, please contact either your local school district or the Dutchess BOCES Alternative & Special Education Office.


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