Business Office FAQ's

Cafeteria Questions

  • Where can I find Cafeteria Menus?
    • Cafeteria Menus can be found HERE

Benefits Questions

  • When is Open Enrollment?
    • Open enrollment is the entire month of May, with changes becoming effective 7/1
  • What is a Qualifying Event?
    • A Qualifying event is an occurrence that would allow you to amend your current health insurance policy outside of the Open Enrollment period. Common Qualifying events are, Marriage, Divorce, the birth of a child, legally adopting a child, Retirement.
  • Can I add my foster children/children that I am legal guardian of to my health insurance?
    • No. Only legally adopted or biological children may be carried on your BOCES insurance.
  • Can I add my “domestic partner” to my health insurance?
    • Yes. In order to do so you must meet the criteria spelled out in this form. Also there are some tax obligations that you will be responsible for if you add a domestic partner. Contact the Benefits Department for more info.
  • I have health insurance from another source. Can I receive the Buy-out?
    • Your eligibility to receive the Buy-out is dependent on your union contract. If you believe you are eligible for the Buy-out you must complete this form and submit it to the Benefits Department prior to 6/1/2015. If you have any questions, contact the Benefits Department.
  • When will I receive my Medicare Reimbursement check?
    • Medicare reimbursement checks are mailed out quarterly at the end of the quarter.