Cooperative Bidding

Any potential bidder who obtains specifications from this website must email our Purchasing Agent, Matt Metzger at matthew.metzger@dcboces.org and indicate the bid number of the specifications downloaded. By doing so, the potential vendor will be added to a bid holders list and will be notified of addenda, if any, in reference to that bid. Failure to do so may result in a non-responsive bid.

In the event that the Dutchess BOCES Administrative Office is closed the day of the Bid opening, the bid(s) will be opened the next day that the Dutchess BOCES Administrative Office is open at the same posted hour.

RFP/Bid Notices


Dutchess BOCES Bid #2021-05 Fresh Baked Pizza
RFP Opening: June 10, 2020 @ 12pm

Dutchess BOCES Bid 2021-04 Doors, Locks & Hardware
RFP Opening: June 10, 2020 @ 10am

2020-2021 Bread & Bread Products Bid – Opening 5/26/20 1pm

2020-2021 Food & Grocery Bid – Opening 5/29/20 10am

Dutchess BOCES Salt Point Campus – Additions & Alterations
RFP Opening: April 29, 2020 @ 2pm
Salt Point Campus Additions and Alterations Bid Results
(Opened 4-29-2020 @ 2:00 PM EST)


Awarded Cooperative Bids


Cooperative Microcomputer Supplies Bid #1920-06 Award Sheet

Cooperative Fresh Baked Pizza Bid #1920-04 Award Sheet

Cooperative Photocopy Paper Bid #1920-02 Award Sheet

Misc Auto Parts Bid #1819-08 Award Sheet

Cooperative Milk Bid#1718-02 Award Sheet Info thru 6/30/2019
Cooperative Milk Bid#1718-02 Extension #2

Cooperative Bread and Bread Products Bid #1718-05 Extension #2

Cooperative Doors, Locks, Etc. Bid #1718-09 Extension #1
Cooperative Doors, Locks, Etc. Bid #1718-09 Extension #2

Cooperative Miscellaneous Auto Parts #1819-08 Award Sheet

Cooperative Office Supplies, Equipment & Furniture Bid  #1819-09  Extension #1 Award Sheet


Cooperative #2 Fuel Oil Bid #1819-02 Ext. #1 Award Info thru 6/30/2020

Cooperative Food Grocery Bid #1819-06 thru 6-30-2019

Cooperative Food and Grocery Bid #1920-01
Contract Period July 1, 2019 Through June 30, 2020

Cooperative Food & Grocery Bid #1819-06
Valid thru June 30, 2019

Custodial Supplies Bid #1920-08

Cooperative Ice Cream and Frozen Treats Bid #1718-06

Cooperative #2 Fuel Oil Bid #1819-02 Award Info thru 6/30/2019




Frequently Used NYS OGS and Other Contracts

Audio Visual Equipment & Accessories (Statewide) – NYS OGS Contract thru 4-14-2021
(Please Note:  If you want to purchase technology equipment, please consult Dutchess BOCES IT Dept. before ordering.)
Automotive Parts & Supplies, Filters, Truck Parts, and Plow Parts  – NYS OGS Contract thru 5-16-2019
Basic Medical Supplies and Equipment (Statewide) – NYS OGS Contract – thru 5-04-2019
Books and Non-Print Library Materials and Related Ancillary Services( Statewide) – NYS OGS Contract  - thru 5-31-2020
Hardware Supplies – Dutchess County RFB-DCP-27-18 – thru 4-13-2018
Industrial & Commercial Supplies and Equipment (Statewide) – NYS OGS Contract – thru 9-30-2020

Nursing Supplies - Pocket Nurse - National IPA
Serials and Database Access (Statewide) – NYS OGS Contract thru 12-31-2021
School and Art Supplies (Statewide) – NYS OGS Contract thru 6-08-2021

School Supplies - School Specialty - National IPA

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