This service provides support to districts in the implementation of the New York State Learning Standards, professional development, assisting districts in meeting NCLB requirements, and the New York State Assessments. The School Improvement base service includes a wide array of service offerings including:

  • Access to Educational Resources staff for inquiries and research related to curriculum, assessment, instruction, and professional development topics
  • Information and updates on state assessment implementation
  • Support the implementation of the New York State Education Department’s Reform Initiatives
  • Coordination of the Educational Resources Advisory Council and the Special Education Administrator’s Meetings
  • Research and development of projects leading to grant funding, e.g., Distributive Learning Initiative, U.S. History Grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education; Elementary Science Project funded by the Dyson Foundation.  Building into the design of these projects the capacity for project continuation beyond the grant period through the use of the School Improvement Co-Ser, e.g., the present Math Initiative resulting from the Goals 2000 Math Consortium grant awarded in 2001.
  • Professional Development Membership Rates:
    AUSSIE Consultation, Climate and Culture, Formative Assessment, Literacy and Mathematics Audits, Professional Development Institutes/Series/Workshops
  • On-site professional development to meet district and building needs (number of days determined by RWADA).  The Educational Resources division will provide customized training to best meet the specific needs of your district.  Additional days can be purchased.
  • Participation in the Title I Part 154 Dutchess County Grant Consortium (based on district eligibility)
  • New York State Regulation & Education Law Updates
  • Access to professional resource materials
  • Participation in regional scoring and scoring training at membership rates


Additional School Improvement services include professional development in Climate and Culture, Formative Assessment, AUSSIE consultation, Assessment Scoring, and Mathematics and Literacy Audits.  Districts may purchase additional professional development (technical assist) days as necessary.