The system Plan of Service is a planning document which identifies, organizes, and provides an overview of the library system’s service program including intended changes in services or priorities.  The Plan emphasizes what the library system proposes to accomplish and whom the library system serves.  The Plan demonstrates how the library system anticipates it will fulfill the major roles expected of library systems.  The major recommended roles for library systems are:

  • Support and strengthen member libraries
  • Facilitate equitable access to library services and resources directly to patrons/customers
  • Facilitate resource sharing among libraries
  • Provide leadership for improving library services for all


The purpose of the Plan of Service for all types of systems is to:

  • Articulate the basic agreement between the State and the governing board of the system, which makes possible the payment of state aid to the system
  • Enumerate the mutual commitments, responsibilities and obligations of the system and its members
  • Share the system’s mission, goals, intended results and evaluation methods with its members
  • Determine how the system meets the service needs of its community, region, and the State

The SLS Advisory Council is currently working on the 2016-2021 Plan of Service.  To comment on the future Plan of Service please contact Rebecca Gerald at: rebecca.gerald@dcboces.org