Communication Coordinators are a separate group from the school library system advisory council with different roles and responsibilities. The main function of the communication coordinator (individually and as a group) is to provide two-way communication between the member public school districts or non-public schools and the school library system. This can be accomplished through:

  • regular meetings in which the communication coordinator discuss how to implement the policies recommended by the council;
  • sharing information on system programs (e.g., training), procedures (e.g., interlibrary loan), data collection (e.g., database development, statistics on interlibrary loan, etc.);
  • developing committees and/or interest groups (e.g., an elementary school librarians cluster group, automation users group, etc.);
  • bringing the needs of school library system users (students, faculty and administrators) to the attention of the school library system council and director;
  • identifying subject experts from among member librarians and others and recruiting them to participate in SLS projects and committees; and
  • identifying and recruiting potential council members.