Security and Law II

This one or two year program is designed to provide training to 11th and 12th grade students in the fields of Security, Corrections, and Law Enforcement. In addition to the theory and practical experiences the student will receive working in and around the CTI campus, many field trips and guest speakers will supplement the course. Additionally, students will receive shadowing experience at various area agencies.

Hands-on topics include:

  • Campus Security Patrol
  • Physical Training Day [Friday]
  • Self Defense [Basics & Upper Level]
  • Confidence Course
  • Rappelling/Wall Climb

Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice:

This one year program for juniors or seniors introduces the student to the theory and practical applicators of law enforcement and criminal justice.

Units of Study:

  • Civil Liability
  • DWI/Traffic Accident
  • Investigation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Interviews & Interrogation
  • Report Writing
  • Corrections, Probation, & Parole
  • Penal Law
  • Courts - General
  • Supreme Court Cases
  • Homicide Investigation
  • Arson Investigation
  • Environmental Conservation Law
  • Drugs
  • Crime Scenes
  • Police Patrol/History
  • Anti-Robbery Procedures
  • Criminology
  • Secret Service
  • Organized Crime
  • Mock Trial - Role Playing


Quick Reference Guide:
Human & Public Services: Security & Law Enforcement

Approved for Technical Endorsement on Regents Diploma Yes
Credits for Two Year Program 8 units for two years, 4 units for one year
Integrated Academic Credits English
Specialized Academic Credits None
National Competency Exam NOCTI
Work Based Learning Experience Internships in local agencies
Articulations Herkimer County Community College
Transcript Credits Available None
Prerequisite General academic foundation
Pull-Out Academics Available MST

Advanced College Credits:

Students who successfully complete this program and matriculate in the Security and Law Enforcement Program will receive 8 college credits toward their Associate Degree at the University of New Haven.