Academics at the Career and Technical Institute

Most CTI programs include Integrated and/or Specialized academic content that has been approved by the New York State Education Department for .5 units of core credit per year.

Academic components are Common Core Standards based, and delivered through collaborative planning and instruction by academic and trade teachers. Curriculum content is developed to reflect the application of academic learning in the career area. For example, ELA standards are covered in Career Literacy, where students develop skills in technical reading and writing. In Culinary math, students learn recipe conversions and product costing. Cosmetology students study aspects of chemistry and anatomy as they practice the science of the beauty industry. Students in Electrical Construction Technology learn both the  math and science necessary to understand electricity.

In addition, a separate Math Science and Technology (MST) course is offered for students who require a full unit of either math or science credit in one year.

Please refer to individual program CTI Course Descriptions for the specific academic credits available in each.