Alternative High School Clubs & Committees


Anime Club    
Advisor: Mr. Farber
Friday 5th period in room 133. Club goal is to watch and discuss the art form of Anime and Manga.

Newsletter Club
Meets every Thursday 4C lunch in Room 233. Goal is to publich activities, information, and creative materials from students. Special Activity: Print edition of BETA BAYOU three times per year.

Club Goal is to promote camaraderie among staff.   The club recently hosted their "Annual DessertEvent" in which many staff enjoyed tasting each other's special home-made dessert creations.

Art Club
Advisor: Ms.Vanwagner
Tuesday 8th period in room

Chess Club
Advisor: Mr. Petesko
period in room

Dance Club
Advisor: Ms.Repinez
Thursday 4th period

Green Club
Advisor: Mrs. DiLella & Mrs. LeClair
Club Goal is to encourage environmentally sound practices. Special activity of club: school-wide recycling.

Helping Hands Volunteering
Advisor: Ms. Rivais.
The Helping Hands Community Service Group at AHS is a great example of a group of staff and students volunteering their time and energy to help others thorough activities and services.
Students and staff members can volunteer at the Lunch Box Soup Kitchen in Poughkeepsie. Students help set up, serve, and clean up lunches served to those in need. In addition, students will help with other helpful tasks such as unloading and stocking food, or sorting clothing donations. Recently volunteered at the "Lunch Box"   CHRISTMAS Shoe Boxes - 60 "gifts" were wrapped for the homeless.

Other Community services include:

    •    Knitting for Charity

    •    Literacy Buddies Pen Pals

    •    Pen pals with Seniors

    •    Volunteering with Seniors

Incentive Committee
Hosted by: Mrs. Babb.
First incentive trip is to the Walkway over the Hudson.

Interact Student Council
The Student of the Month award is an honor to receive!
This Award is sponsored by the Poughkeepsie Rotary Club.
Recognition in the form of a Certificate from the Rotary Club, a $25 savings account from TEG Credit Union, a luncheon a Christo's, and a place in the main lobby award cases are all benefits of this achievement. The luncheon at Christo's is a huge buffet and the student is honored by everyone and pictures are taken for possible news releases.
To achieve "Student of the Month" one must be nominated and approved by all teachers, plus have excellent attendance and no discipline problems. The recognition is based on performing an exemplary behavior and attitude in and out of the classroom.

Advisor: Mr. Blair
Thursday 4th period in room 247

Advisor: Ms. White
Wednesday 4th period in room 233

PBIS/ INTERACT/ Student Council     
Advisors: M.Martinez, L. Vonderau, I. Berg, S. Blair.  
Goal: To provide a voice to the student body to improve the culture of the school. Meeting twice weekly. Activities:  Three school-wide rallies per year to recognize students following expectations.

Advisor: Ms. White
Wednesday 7th period in room 233

Newsletter Club,  BETA Bayou
Advisors: Ms. White   
Meets every Thursday 4C lunch in Room 233   Goal is to publish activities, information, and creative materials from students. Special Activity: Print edition of BETA BAYOU three times per year.