[PIC] Flower Petals Arranged On A Lawn To Spell The Word 'Hope'
Maureen Moloney and Lisa Slagle, Dutchess BOCES special education teachers who teach transition classes based at Arlington High School, have been working on the topic of Healthcare Workers with their students. 

When they learned about National Thank a Hospital Worker Week, they decided to put together a video.  The project presented a nice opportunity to be actively involved together in the current remote learning situations.

The classes met on Google Meet, came up with a list of workers to thank, and then brainstormed descriptive words.  The teachers then created the students’ assignments using Google Classroom.  Parents were helpful reinforcing the concepts and some helped by texting pictures.

“It was a good learning experience for all and we hope it will brighten the day for our healthcare worker friends,” said Mrs. Slagle.