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Dutchess County needs facilities to provide current, high quality instruction to students, teachers, administrators, and the community. This project will consolidate K-12 programs to one campus, improve security, address ADA compliance, and enhance facilities. It will improve the offerings available for more than 50,000 Dutchess County students.

Dutchess County residents may vote at any of the Voting Locations listed:

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Dutchess County Voting Locations
Dutchess County residents may vote at any of the 14 locations in the county.

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Capital Project PowerPoint Presentation [PDF Format]

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Public Meeting Locations

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Capital Project Vote Flyer
At-a-glance summary. Feel free to print one out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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School District Share of Cost
Proposed Capital Project share summary listed by school district.

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Lease Cost Comparison
Compares the cost of rent vs. ownership.

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Absentee Ballot Application

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School Board of Education Meeting Locations
All are welcome to attend.

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News Releases

  Cost Comparison Final Year
  Component Meeting IMA Resolutions