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Dutchess County needs facilities to provide current, high quality instruction to students, teachers, administrators, and the community. This project will consolidate K-12 programs to one campus, improve security, address ADA compliance, and enhance facilities. It will improve the offerings available for more than 50,000 Dutchess County students.

Dutchess BOCES Capital Project Video


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Dutchess County Voting Locations
Dutchess County residents may vote at any of the 14 locations in the county.

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Capital Project PowerPoint Presentation [PDF Format]

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Public Meeting Locations

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Capital Project Vote Flyer
At-a-glance summary. Feel free to print one out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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School District Share of Cost
Proposed Capital Project share summary listed by school district.

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Lease Cost Comparison
Compares the cost of rent vs. ownership.

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Absentee Ballot Application

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School Board of Education Meeting Locations
All are welcome to attend.

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News Releases

  Cost Comparison Final Year
  Component Meeting IMA Resolutions