SPC students Ian Rios, Kevin Rodriguez and Jaime Rivera judge snowmen built by administrators.Do you want to build a snowman but lack snow? Well, members of Dutchess BOCES’ Administration building didn’t let that stop them and had students from Salt Point Center and the Resilience Academy judge their creations on Dec. 19, just in time for the holiday season.

The snowmen displays were crafted with great attention to detail. Some playing homage to pop culture including “Taylor and Her Snowman,” in reference to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance and the Star Wars themed “Droid to the World.”

The best display, as chosen by the students, was an upside down snowman complete with a corn cob pipe and black top hat.

Four students from SPC teacher David Felipe’s class judged the displays on the quality of construction, creativity, originality and design, as well as an overall impression.

While it seemed like fun, students took their role seriously and they used skills from class to judge each display fairly and accurately without assistance from Felipe or teaching assistant Diana Tierney.

“It teaches them responsibility, being able to judge on their own and not looking for the teacher for help,” Felipe said. “They really put a lot of work into it.”

Resilience Academy students Samantha Werner and Jasmine Gibson-Bocus judge Administration staff’s snowmen creations.

While sixth grader Kevin Rodriguez took his time with judging, he enjoyed the process. He was most fond of the upside down snowman.

“I thought about it, it’s not too hard and it was fun,” Rodriguez said. “I liked it a lot.”

A little later, four Resilience Academy students also weighed in on the displays. Junior Trevino Hiraldo noted it was difficult to judge them because they were all creative, but he had a good time nonetheless.

“It was definitely an experience,” Hiraldo said. “There were a lot of them that were really unique.”

As a thank you for their time, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jodi DeLucia sent every student home with a holiday themed goody bag.