Salt Point Center Student Senate

A Student Senate gives students the opportunity to become stakeholders in their school and will provide them with a voice regarding student-centered activities. Students will have the ability to help plan several schoolwide activities:

  • School dances
  • Incentive trips
  • Student/Staff sport events
  • Holiday canned food drive
  • Community projects

Student Senate Criteria

The Student Senate Board at Salt Point Educational Center will consist of twelve members. One student will be elected from each of the middle school classes and will be expected to represent their class. Some of the qualities expected to be an effective student senate member include:

  • Good speaking skills to a group as well as individuals
  • Good communication skills with peers and adults
  • Passing grades in all classes
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good citizen at school and in the community
  • A commitment to maintain and improve student policy
  • Willingness to help with extra duties at school

Student Senate Eligibility

  • Must be able to attend weekly Student Senate meetings
  • Honors level students only
  • Complete a candidate's application

Student Senate accomplished goals

  • Community Service project (Food Drive) went well
  • Worked on school dances and helped to make separate programs for elementary and middle school students
  • Helped out during yearbook cover vote
  • Students asked for larger food portions from the cafeteria for older students and received it
  • Students wanted monthly incentive trips for Honor students and helped to plan them
  • Student run morning announcement program
  • Senate helped to create the Yearbook title page
  • The Senate helped to create the Hand Message Goals for 2008 video
  • Attended the annual Hudson Valley Middle Level Leadership conference in Red Hook
  • Created healthy lunch menu ideas for school lunches
  • Asked for and received the school’s support to create a middle school basketball team
  • SPCA campaign to collect items need for animals in need

Student Senate possible goals

  • Continuation of last year goals
  • Student hall monitors
  • Students give School tours
  • School sports teams
  • Drama club
  • Establish pen pal program with U.S. soldiers or a holiday gift drive
  • Establish student reporters for the Poughkeepsie Journal
  • Student I.D. cards
  • Student mentoring program
  • Good Character program initiated by middle school students