Moving up to a new school can be daunting for students – new teachers and staff, new procedures, new classmates. Eighth grade students from Salt Point Center (SPC) were able to combat these unknowns by visiting the Resilience Academy on June 7.
Evan Clinton moved to the Resilience Academy from SPC this past fall and knows many of the incoming students. “I’m looking forward to seeing them, explaining to them what I’ve been doing here the past year and hopefully inspiring them for what’s to come,” he shared before the event. Clinton visited for a similar program a year ago, and was happy to give back by acting as a tour guide at the event.
Student council president Trevino Hiraldo shared, “Today is about the eighth graders getting familiar with what the high school looks like. I’m excited to talk to them about student council and our programs in general.”
Clinton, Hiraldo and other student ambassadors showed incoming students the classrooms, courtyard, main office, nurse’s office, gym and other important areas of the school, meeting teachers and other students along the way.
“The students showing us around were very nice, and so were the teachers we met. It’s a friendly environment,” shared eighth grader Mason Cruz.
After the tour, Principal Kiesha Tillman spoke about resources within the school as well as community events including spirit weeks and field trips. Guidance counselor Heather Murphy spoke about academics at the school.
Murphy explained that there are several ways to earn diplomas and different requirements for each.  Students can graduate with a Local or Regents diploma, which requires 22 credits and certain Regents exams. Some students may also earn credentials, such as Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) or Skills and Achievement Commencement Credentials.
Murphy added, “Everyone in our building takes electives in art, music, physical education and health. Students attend nine periods a day, and ninth period is when most students attend clubs.”
“We have a unique program with a continuum of services that we are very proud of and we hope to alleviate any anxiety students have as they transition to our school,” shared Tillman. “Our hope is that this will help them be more comfortable and better prepared to have a great start in the new school year.”
Students from both schools enjoyed watermelon and got to know each other more before heading back to class.