Career and Technical Institute (CTI) students from Cosmetology and Careers in Animal and Plant Science (CAPS) took field trips to see what they’ve studied come to life through a variety of field trips this month. Juniors and seniors in CAPS visited the Philadelphia Flower Show and Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue while Cosmetology seniors went to the International Beauty Show.

Careers in Animal and Plant Science

Rebecca Cossa, who teaches CAPS, has been taking her students to the Philadelphia Flower Show for over a decade. “It's the world's oldest and largest indoor Flower Show, and I think it's important for them to see the scale on which things can be and are done; not just the physical scale, but the amount of support from the community and from designers, too.”  

Students in CAPS learn floral design in their junior year, and apply these skills for activities outside the classroom, including at events that the school hosts, selling flowers for prom and more. 

Students enjoyed seeing the flower displays as well as exploring the marketplace with local products and getting hands on making flower bouquets and other crafts.

The trip offered a chance for juniors and seniors, who have separate class sessions, to spend time together. “It’s a good bonding experience,” shared Lucy Mann.

Seniors noticed what makes the show unique from year to year.

“This year the theme was United by Flowers,” said Maleah Bishop. “You can really see the trend for each year at the show and what techniques they were using,” shared Ashley Keck.

CAPS students visited Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue (LOHR) later in the month during a unit on animal behavior.

LOHR provides sanctuary for horses and helps people at the same time through a variety of educational programs and equine assisted psychotherapy to achieve the mission of “people helping horses heal people.”

The students got a tour from LOHR founder Deanna Mancuso, learning about the barns, horses, class space and more.

“I enjoyed learning about all the horses’ backstories and how they came from bad pasts but now at Lucky Orphans they’re loving life,” shared Gretah Kilmer.

Kate Shultis said her favorite part of the trip was an activity on behavior where the students met three horses and compared their demeanors and what that meant.

“If we can learn to speak their language, we can work together,” Cossa said, adding, “We go to Lucky Orphans to see how these animals who have been mistreated get a second life. It’s a good example to students to see that there are lots of ways we can use the understanding of animal behavior and training for benefit of the animal and people.”


The day the cosmetology students visit the International Beauty Show (IBS) is specifically for students. The show, which took place at the Javits Convention Center in New York City, includes classes, demonstrations, and booths with a variety of tools and products.

“The trip is offered to seniors and it's really important because a lot of the time it is the first big industry experience for them,” shared Nicole Laino, one of the cosmetology teachers at CTI. “They can see new tools, new methods and just be in a room full of beauty professionals. In addition to the excitement out on the floor and opportunities to purchase things, they have a lot of educational opportunities.” 

Kyanna Moore was excited to take advantage of these opportunities. “I took a color correction class, a­­­­nd I learned about the pH scale and how it applies to washing and drying, client relations, and depositing.” Moore explained, “Depositing is when color enters the cuticle.” Moore wants to open her own business and feels that IBS exposed her to so many different parts of industry to consider. “It was everything I imagined and more,” she said. 

Briana Trivigno enjoyed hands on learning at IBS with a representative from Jack Winn, who showed students how to do a hair coloring technique called balayage, and then guided students’ hands as they tried it.  

Jonathan Garcia learned from a variety of barbers at IBS. “The first class I attended was from barber Ivan Zoot. I've seen his videos on YouTube and so I really wanted to see him in person. He taught us this instant fade technique,” shared Garcia. “I highly recommend the event to anyone interested in this field.” 

“I think it’s important for students to see that there’s more learning to be had beyond the classroom,” shared cosmetology teacher Melissa Lennon, explaining that vendors will provide education on how to use their products properly. “I hope that seeing industry professionals perform advanced techniques, and IBS in general, inspires them at the end of their two years here.”