Scarlett Stoner is a senior in the automotive technology program from Pine Plains Central School District. 
Why did you choose to attend the CTI automotive technology program? 
I chose the CTI auto program to learn what to do in case of emergencies and it's also a
fun way to get to know all the new stuff. 

What have you learned so far?

One thing I've learned so far in automotive program is how to change the transmission, take it apart and put it back together. 

What is your favorite part of the program? 

My favorite part of the program would be learning all the new things while also making all new friends that like cars and know what you’re talking about. 

What are your aspirations or plans after you complete the program? 

After I complete this I'm going into construction as an apprentice. I already have a lot of construction under my belt while helping my parents with my house.

Taking this program now for what I'm doing in the future, it's definitely a big advantage. You also know how to fix cars if something breaks where you’re at for your job, you know how to fix it.