A 20,000-gallon fire suppression tank was installed, filled with water and tested in January at Dutchess BOCES.

The Pleasant Valley Fire Department said a tank was necessary for the expanding campus in the event of a fire. The installation process went smoothly, according to Dutchess BOCES’ Director of Facilities Cole Bender.
“It was pretty easy,” he said. “The contractor that was awarded the project did a good job.”
Two fire hydrants, one in the rear of the Career & Technical Institute and the second near Salt Point Center, also were installed as part of the project.
“Our campus is currently on a well, and such the building was not designed with sprinklers and there is no municipal water for fire hydrants,” said School Business Official Matt Metzger.
“The 20,000-gallon tank will enable fire departments to have an immediate reaction to attack the fire, and allow for backup fire departments to be called upon if needed.”
Dutchess BOCES was asked to contact its local fire department in Pleasant Valley with its campus expanding due to a $36.8 million capital project which was approved in December 2018. 
 “The New York State Department of Education requested us to reach out to our local fire department to find out what their needs would be with the new larger campus, and they established they needed 20,000 gallons of water on hand in the event of a fire,” said Bender.
“It was a condition attached to the bond project. Without providing that, we couldn’t move forward with the project.”
Three trucks came with water for the original fill of the tank, and the tank will fill off the well at the greenhouse if it loses water.
Bender said Dutchess BOCES, which will maintain the tank, has a great relationship with the Pleasant Valley Fire Department, which is welcome to come to test the tank at any time.
“The system for all intents and purposes is theirs,” said Bender of the fire department. “We won’t be using it. Whatever they tell us we need to do, we’ll do it.”
He added, “It’s a good thing. Fire safety is always paramount to students and schools.”


Published February 21, 2023