[PIC] Still From The 2020 CTI Promo Video Of A Cosmetology Student
Recruiting in the age of COVID-19 has taken on a new form for Dutchess BOCES Career and Technical Institute. Principal Mitchell Shron and his counselors are taking the message virtual with a video they hope goes viral.

“Our school has always welcomed student visitors through large gatherings or smaller gatherings with just a student and their parent or guidance counselor,” CTI Principal Mitchell Shron said. “That came to a halt this year and we decided to use a video approach.”

The video produced by BOCES’ Communications and Printing Services shows viewers the variety of options available at CTI, provides insight on how the program works, and how CTI can benefit students in fewer than four and a half minutes..

“We’re going to send it to all the guidance counselors in the 13 component districts, post it on our website and share it on social media,” Shron said.

“This video is a very good way to reach people when we aren’t able to be there ourselves. It’s interesting and exciting to be a student at CTI and I believe this video captures that.”

CTI students benefit from classroom learning and application of those skills on campus and real-world application of those skills as part of their internship program.

“In our current economic environment, it is more critical than ever for students to find out about options in career and technical education as the cost of a college education increases and the benefits of a college education remain limited for many students,” Shron said.

At CTI, they can learn about a variety of careers while still in high school and therefore make better choices as they graduate.

“We believe students attending CTI get the best of all worlds by learning hands-on and minds-on what it takes to be successful after high school."

For more information on CTI, reach out to one of our guidance counselors: Kirstin Litwin, 845-486-8001 ext. 4534 or Deanna Pillius at ext. 4544.