Nursing Assistant

Teachers: Dana Murry and Tracy Larson 

Course overview: CNA- This one-year course for seniors introduces the student to the foundation skills necessary for the study of Nursing. Successful students qualify to take the CNA exam. Successful completion satisfies the health requirement for high school graduation. Students completing the program are eligible for one unit of science credit. No academic pullouts available for this course. Important Notes: Intro to Health Occupations is strongly recommended before taking Nursing Assistant. Work maturity skills and professionalism is essential to success in the Nursing Assistant program.

Academics: Career literacy, science and Health*.

College articulation agreements: Dutchess Community College

What students say...

"The Nursing Assistant program at BOCES CTI is excellent and some people would even say breathtaking. People would consider this program breathtaking because of the amount of time, effort and dedication that not only the students put in but also the teachers. The teachers are dedicated to the students, the time spent in the lab performing duties that the students have learned an even the time spent out at clinical. The students put all their effort an time into the program and their clinical hours as well The Nursing Assistant program out at BOCES CTI is one of the many hard working and dedicated programs they have."

– Alyssa Russell

students checking dummy pulse.png
students checking on dummy-CNA.png
NA changing dummy in bed.png