Introduction to Health Occupations

Teachers: Karen Novak , Christine MacNeil and Tracy Larson 

Course overview: IHOC is an introductory course into the health occupations. We explore many health related careers. Topics such as: professionalism, legal and ethical issues, infection control, growth and development, cultural competence and nutrition will be covered. This course is foundational in nature and a solid starting point for continuing in a variety of health care career options.

Academics: Career literacy, .5 Science, and Health.

What students say...

"IHOC is a good start to thinking about where you want to go in the medical field. It really helps that the teacher that teaches has been in the medical field in some form. The work we do in this class sticks with us always because we spend enough time on a topic, so we really understand. WE also wear uniforms in class, which makes it feel like we are at work and it prepares u s for when we have an actual job. This class also allows us to socialize with other students and make new friends."

Ah'Shalai Felix and Mackenzie Cobble