Students who attended the screening pose for a photoIt is a gratifying feeling to see something you learned about come to life on the big screen. Students from the Resilience Academy experienced this on a recent music class field trip to NCG Cinemas in Kingston to see the new film “Bob Marley: One Love” after learning about Marley throughout the semester. 

“We learned the history of how Bob Marley became a singer and the movie was made really well,” shared student Christopher Lopez. “We saw a lot of the details that we learned in class in the movie.” 

Lopez shared he enjoyed the opportunity to go on a field trip, visiting somewhere he hadn’t been before and spending time with classmates and his music teacher, Angela Crisci.

Crisci’s classes had the opportunity to vote on four different artists to learn about, and Marley won in both classes. 

“It's important to me as the music teacher to teach them how music is something that changes the world,” shared Crisci. “Bob Marley is definitely an artist who used his music and his platform to pour into his country, and into the world, to try to promote peace, love and unity.” 

Learning about Marley’s music encompassed much more than listening to songs like “Three Little Birds.” Students learned about Jamaica, the culture, and Marley’s life and upbringing, all of which contributed to his music.  

“I really want it not just to be about music, I want them to experience it on many different levels. I want them to have a really broad, deep understanding,” Crisci shared. 

Avery Jones, who also attended the trip, shared her favorite songs by Marley include “No Woman, No Cry” and “One Love.” “He spread the message that he wasn't looking to be the center of attention, but that he was there for others and to spread a message of peace,” she said. 

Crisci invited students from her second and third period classes to attend the trip based on their participation in class. The theater offered a large group rate to the school and included refills of popcorn and beverages, which added to the fun of seeing the film.

“It’s important for the students to see their efforts are appreciated, and for them to see their hard work pays off. The movie was great, and it was an amazing time,” shared Vinny Giandalone, a crisis intervention worker at BOCES who also runs the music club and helped facilitate the trip.

“I love that Bob Marley came from nothing and he changed the world,” said Crisci. “I think that showing students somebody who overcame that adversity teaches them that you can do anything regardless of your situation.”