Refund Process – Adult Students

Refunds may take up to 30 days to process if payment was made with a check or cash. Credit card refunds will be credited to your charge account. Refund Process applies to all forms of payment for tuition, including third party vouchers.

  1. For classes less than 100 hours of class time, for example Auto Mechanics I which equals 60 hours, or Defensive Driving which equals, 6 hours the same process is the same as follows:

                Class cancelled by Dutchess BOCES ALI                                                                                     Full Refund

                Student withdraws 4 days prior to class start date                                                                        Full Refund

                Student withdraws 3 days prior and through the 2nd class session                                             50% Refund and $15.00 fee

                Student withdraws on or after 2nd day of class                                                                            NO REFUND

      2. For classes more than 100 hours of class time, for example Nursing Assistant which equals 150 hours, the following process is in place:

                Class cancelled by Dutchess BOCES ALI                                                                                    Full Refund

                Student withdraws prior to 1st day of class                                                                                  Full Refund

                Student withdraws after 10% class time                                                                                       NO REFUND

                If a Student stops attending, or is dismissed from program                                                         NO REFUND

(Student withdraws prior to completion of 10% class time and after completing the first day

(For example **NA class at 150 hrs. * 10% = 15 hrs. of class)

Refund less 10% Tuition and $50.00 fee)