Lego painting was a popular activity with students, including Jordan.What do painting with Legos, bingo, desk movement games, and free drawing have in common? They each have the ability to create community. Activities such as these, along with others, take place during PBIS Friday Community Activities at Salt Point Center (SPC).  At the end of each week, they create an opportunity for students to make connections outside of their classrooms, both with other students and other teachers and staff.

PBIS stands for positive behavioral interventions and supports, which are used “to create an effective learning environment for all students,” according to the Center on PBIS. “These activities are part of the PBIS Committee at SPC where we work to support school-wide events and ways to support community,” shared Principal Melissa Murphy during a Feb. 24 session.

Teacher Jackie Peters’ classroom was filled with laughter while students enjoyed painting with Legos.

 “I hope for them to gain social experiences through these activities, as well as have some diversity from the peers they usually see,” Peters shared.

In addition to enjoying the activity they participate in and time with students from other classes, many students appreciate extra time with staff. “I chose to play bingo since it’s fun and it’s with Ms. DiBartolo,” shared Diamond Nelson.

The activities that teachers host change based on student interest, and students choose the activity they would like to participate in each week.

A student plays drums using foam noodles during a PBIS Friday activity at Salt Point Center.

Some options offered allow students to get active, like desk movement games. In this classroom, students participated in activities such as desk drumming – where students use foam noodles to follow along to a song’s choreography - and freeze dance.

“It was fun and I liked the music,” shared Kree Williams. “I did so great at freeze dance!”

Other activities allow students to let their creativity flow. In addition to Lego painting, students enjoyed free drawing.

Emma McNeill loves drawing, especially cats. “It helps me focus and it helps me calm down,” she shared.

Yaxiel Rivera was focused on creating a drawing for his friend. “My favorite part is cutting it out after drawing it and coloring it in,” he shared.

“PBIS Friday Community Activities are very important for helping the SPC students practice social skills and peer interactions in a safe supported way,” shared Murphy. “Since our classes are restrictive on the special education continuum, having the ability to create opportunities for students to better understand and navigate their own needs is essential to future success.”