FORMS - In Alphabetical Order


Adult Dependent Election and Eligibility Form

Accident Reports- Staff

Accident and Violent Incident Reports- Students

Affordable Care Act


Attendance Guideline

Budget Modification Form [Excel Download]

Budget Transfer [Excel Download]

Candidate Request for Clinical Supervision Experience and/or Field Experience Form

Catering Order Form 2016-2017 (Minimum of one week notice required)

CD PHP Enrollment/Change Form

Change of Name/Address

Charge/Credit Budget Transfer Form

Civil Rights Complaint Form

Civil Service Application

Compensation for Teacher Assistant/Aide Working Alone

Confidentiality Statement Form

Cross Contract Form

DASA Complaint Form

DEHIC (Empire BSBS Alt PPO) Enrollment/Change Form

DEHIC (Empire EPO Select 20) Enrollment/Change Form

Dental Claim Form

Dental Information

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Emergency Contact Information

Empire BS/BS Alternate PPO Plan Handbook

Employee Handbook - (Includes Bargaining, Benefits, Policy and other Employee information)

Employee Timesheet Submission Form (Hourly/Daily) Employee Timesheet

Employee Timesheet Submission Form (Hourly/Daily) Employee Timesheet

Employment Recommendation Form

Expenditure Transfer [Excel Download]

Expense Claim Form 2017 - Effective January 1st 2017 [Excel format]

Expense Claim Form 2017 - Effective January 1st 2017 [PDF]

FTE Change [Excel Download]

Grant Setup [Excel Download]

Incidental Employee Request Form

Incidental Employee Agreement Amendment Form

Incidental Employee Agreement Request Form

Independent Contract Amendment Form

Independent Contract Request Form

Internal Transfer [Excel Download]

Interview Committee Form

Media Materials Loan Request Form

Mileage Chart for Itinerent Locations

Mileage Grid for Microcomputer Repair Staff [Excel Format: Print to 11 X 17]

Mileage Grid for Microcomputer Repair Staff [PDF Format: Print to 11 X 17]

MVP Enrollment-Change Form

News Release Form

Notable News & Events Submission Form

Paraprofessional Evaluation Form- Appendix H

Parent / Guardian Media Release Permission Form


Payroll Timesheet Submission Dates 2016-2017 (for hrly, daily, or overtime)

Payroll Calendar 2016-2017

Personal References

Posting Request Form

Professional Application

Professional Performance Review For Staff with Non-Instructional Assignments

Professional References

Public Information Service Project Request Form

Recommendation for Payment of Per Diem-Substitutes

Recommendation for Tenure

Sample Written Response Form 1

Sample Written Response Form 2

Sample Written Response Form 3

Sample Written Response Form 4

Sample Written Response Form 5

Staff Accident Report Forms

Student Incident Report Forms

Sub Calling Service [Aesop]

Substitute Handbook

Summary of Benefits & Coverage for CD PHP (HMO)

Summary of Benefits & Coverage for DEHIC (Empire BCBS Alt. PPO)

Benefits Guide for DEHIC EPO Select 20 [December 16, 2016]

Summary of Benefits & Coverage for MVP (HMO)

Telephone Reference Form [Personal]

Telephone Reference Form [Professional]

Tax Sheltered Annuities

Tenured Paraprofessional Self-Evaluation Form - Appendix I

W4 Tax Form

W9 Tax Form

22/26 Option Form (10 month staff only) – IRS compliance deadline is August 31st of each year.