Introduction to Digital Photography

This course will familiarize you with digital terminology such as what is a pixel, resolution, mega byte, jpeg file, raw file, etc.  You will also become familiar with your camera settings and functions, as well as basic composition of a photograph.  No prior experience is necessary.  Students are encouraged to bring their own cameras to the class.  You will leave this class with a better understanding of the basics of digital photography and an increased comfort level of the functions of your camera.

Intermediate Digital Photography

This course follows the Introduction to Digital Photography.  The students should have taken the introduction or have equivalent experience.  Students will dive deeper into understanding the menu of the digital camera, as well as the adjustments to fine tuning our photos.  You will become aware of the advantages available through the use of the digital format.  Also, you will learn how to make use of filters available in programs such as PhotoShop to enhance your photos.  You will become aware of the wonderful possibilities of the digital format.  You will learn how to apply your photos to business applications, as well as how to create personal memories.