Life-Long Preparedness Skills


Funeral Facts You Need to Know

This 2-hour course will provide information on simplicity, dignity, and economy in funeral arrangements through advance planning.  Topics to be discussed, but not limited to, include preplanning funeral and costs; steps to pursue upon the death; and other appropriate topics of interest to the students.

Climbing the Ladder:  Making Your Job Search a Success

Searching for a job or changing careers during an uncertain economy can be a stressful endeavor.  When competition for available positions is high, those looking for work need to be prepared to make an excellent first impression.  This course will cover three basis areas; how and where to search for employment opportunities; creating a resume and cover letter that will attract attention; and preparation for interviews.  This course is open to all levels of job seekers, including current students, professionals returning to the workforce, individuals changing careers, and technical workers.  All students are encouraged to bring a current resume and job descriptions.