Green Technologies


Today’s environmental and economic climate is not just about global warming; it’s about problem-solving one house at a time.

“Green Collar Workforce” Development

Dutchess BOCES Adult Learning Institute (ALI) is an Educational institution recognized and approved by the New York State Department of Education for Adult training. ALI‘s HVAC program is accredited through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). Credentials earned in the program are portable and recognized nationally. 

In an effort to offer prospective clients an opportunity to gain knowledge for entry level positions in HVAC or to gain knowledge of the “Green Collar Workforce” movement the programs are continually modified to include relevant topics. The HVAC program is comprised of a standardized curriculum that provides lecture and hands-on training in the rudiments of the industry. 

HVAC Technician - Green Collar Workforce Development Career Opportunity

This program is a hands-on job training course that is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level HVAC Technician positions in the emerging Green Collar Workforce industry. Topics are “Green Energy Options” such as wind, solar, photovoltaics and geothermal applications. Included is an introduction to  Environmental Health and Safety, the Theory of Heat Transfer, Tools for HVAC Technology, commonly used equipment and shop practices, Basic HVAC Electricity and Controls, Electric Motors including “Green” ECM motors.  Introductory applications of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Oil & Gas Heat system optimization, Hydronics, and Light Commercial AC applications round out the course topics. Job placement services
are available.

Energy Efficiency for Homes

Today’s environmental and economic climate is not just about global warming; it’s about problem-solving one house at a time. The process begins with a closer look at energy consumption and how to shrink our individual carbon footprint. Lean, green energy-smart building practices involves measuring energy consumption, establishing a baseline for energy use, identifying where energy is being consumed and making smart decisions toward a sustainable balance.

Course Description: Six weeks of instruction to include five 3-hour evenings of classroom instruction and a final 4-hour session of field work using learned building science to diagnose the energy performance of an actual single-family house. Date of Field Work to be announced.

Green Organic Gardening

You can maintain your garden without using pesticides — working with balance in nature. Organic gardening is better for you and better for the planet.

Compost Tea

The art of compost tea making and starting a compost pile, of your own.  Simplifying the Soil Food Web and how it affects you and your environment and the relationships of all organisms found in the web.  Choosing the right tea recipe, the correct method of tea making, application rates, product suppliers.  An easy tea making method for the home owner.

Fundamentals of Gardening

Learn the essentials of ecologically sound gardening for beginners.  Participants will examine traditional and habitat-based design considerations; discover what makes soil alive; learn about propagation, site preparation, fertilizing, pruning, seasonal maintenance and pest control.   Judy Sullivan has been with the Institute of Ecosystems for 20 years as the creator and overseer of the Native Plan Program.  She is an ardent advocate for native plants and ecologically sound gardening.

Greening Your Business and Investments

If you are thinking about starting a green business or greening the business and or investments you already have, this is for you.

Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Own Business

Learn practical information on how to start a successful home-based, second-income business which can then become full time.  You will learn how to decide on a service or product business and begin it with little money down. You will also learn how to avoid the major pitfalls and financial mistakes experienced by most new business owners. The process of franchising will also be discussed.

Bev Nathan is a successful business person who started a part-time home-based business which has grown into a successful full time enterprise.

Financial Strategies for Greening Your Portfolio

As the title suggests, this course will introduce participants to various financial strategies intended to provide a secure retirement for you and your spouse. Learn to generate a steady income, protect your assets, minimize income taxes, maximize company-sponsored and Social Security benefits, and more. A spouse/guest may attend for free.