Compost Tea

The art of compost tea making and starting a compost pile, of your own.  Simplifying the Soil Food Web and how it affects you and your environment and the relationships of all organisms found in the web.  Choosing the right tea recipe, the correct method of tea making, application rates, product suppliers.  An easy tea making method for the home owner.

Fundamentals of Gardening

Learn the essentials of ecologically sound gardening for beginners.  Participants will examine traditional and habitat-based design considerations; discover what makes soil alive; learn about propagation, site preparation, fertilizing, pruning, seasonal maintenance and pest control.   Judy Sullivan has been with the Institute of Ecosystems for 20 years as the creator and overseer of the Native Plan Program.  She is an ardent advocate for native plants and ecologically sound gardening.

Herb Gardening

Staring a traditional herb garden, design and choosing plants.  Planting and watering techniques.  Plant lists with pictures.  Product suppliers.  Herbs for both sun and shade, dyes, oils, vinegars, potpourri and many more uses.

Historic Gardening

Where to go for information, what to look for on your site, how to address planting plans, garden plans and garden maintenance. 
Reference lists will be made available.

Indoor Container Gardening

“Got the winter blues?  Need some green in your life?”    If yes, this course is for you!  You will learn how to successfully grow and maintain several types of indoor gardens including a windowsill herb garden, a terrarium, and a cactus dish garden.  In addition, students will learn the art of bulb forcing.  Other aspects of indoor plan growing will also be covered including, fertilization, pest control, repotting, dividing, and lighting.  The materials fee covers the cost of a cactus dish garden which the student will assemble and bring home.

Spring Container Gardening

Marigolds, impatiens, petunias, Oh My!  Go beyond the ordinary.  In this class you will learn how to integrate a wide range of plants into your spring, summer and fall containers.  Wow your neighbors with lush tropical plants.  Get more bang for your buck by using perennial plants in containers then permanently planting them in your gardens.  You will also learn and be inspired by many colors and textures to enhance your gardens through containers.  Topics also include planting herbs, water gardens and bulbs.  Along with this inspiration, other topics will cover container types, maintenance and sources for all these new ideas!  Please bring your container of choice; just be sure it’s not too large that you can’t carry it home!