Computer Applications

Computer Basics for Seniors

This course is designed for seniors.  Come and join the fun!  Let us take the fear out of using a computer.  This course will teach the basics in using a personal computer from Windows, organizing files, running programs and to increase your awareness in computer usage.

Computer Basics

An ideal introductory course for those individuals who are unfamiliar with personal computers. Join us and learn the basic foundation of Windows, organizing files, running programs, desktop, and gain confidence using your computer.

Introduction to the Internet for Seniors

Do you know how to safely use the internet and its vast resources?  If you answered no, then register today for this introductory course.  Learn techniques to communicate with family and friends across town or across the world or tap into the incredible range of entertainment and information available for free!

Introduction to Personal Computers Using MS Windows

Discover the benefits of personal computers and of using Microsoft Windows to manage information, run programs, and access the web. Topics include the Windows environment, file management using Windows Explorer, working with programs, customizing the desktop, and an introduction to Internet Explorer.

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Learn to efficiently utilize Word to create documents. Topics include: Navigation, editing text, character and paragraph formatting, setting tabs and margins, inserting basic tables, page appearance, and proofing of documents.

Microsoft Office Power Pack 1

Cover all the basics of Microsoft Office Suite in this fast-paced, power-packed course! Use MS Office efficiently to create professional office documents by learning the basics of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Textbooks included.

Microsoft Office Power Pack 2

Take your skills to the next level! Advance your knowledge of Microsoft Office products. Improve the quality and efficiency of your professional documents by learning additional features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Textbooks included.

MS PowerPoint Crash Course

PowerPoint is a powerful and sophisticated program that can make your presentation POP! Acquire the skills you need to create effective and professional slides using templates, text, clip art, drawing tools, and working with layout.

Introduction to MS Excel

This course provides the ”how-to” basics of creating electronic spreadsheets using Excel. Learn to efficiently use Excel spreadsheets to provide your data with structure and organization. Topics include: entering data, creating formulas, working with ranges and functions, moving and copying data, and formatting worksheets.

Introduction to QuickBooks 2008 [Online]

Learn how QuickBooks makes it easy to set up a chart of accounts, reconcile your checking account, create and print invoices, receipts, and statements, track your payables, inventory, and receivables, create estimates and generate reports.  TO ENROLL FOR INTRODUCTION TO QUICKBOOKS 2008 [ONLINE], PLEASE:

  1. Visit www.ed2go.com/dcboces(link is external)
  2. Click the courses link
  3. Choose the department and course title
  4. Select the enroll now button
  5. Follow the instructions to enroll and pay for the course
  6. The course runs for six weeks and two lessons a week

Introduction to Photoshop

An introduction to the basic Adobe Photoshop environment. Topics include use of selection tools, moving, copying and resizing windows, use of layers, applying layer effects and filters to create special effects, use of contrast and color balance. Textbook included.