Mid-Hudson Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center
located at Dutchess BOCES, 900 Dutchess Turnpike, Poughkeepsie, New York 12603
Phone: 845.486.4840  Fax 845.483.3946


Contact Kim Cannon for more information.

Regional Coordinator - Jenny Schinella
845.486.4840, ext. 3023
Regional Team:  
Robert Hanley, Non-District Specialist
845.486.4840, ext. 3044
Shannon Hughes, Behavior Specialist
845.486.4840, ext. 3130
Patti Davis, Transition Specialist
845.486.4840, ext. 3028  
Dorothy Novogrodsky, Behavior Specialist
845.486.4840, ext. 3129
Janety Encarnacion, Bilingual Specialist
845.486.4840, ext. 3042 
Maureen Salka, Behavior Specialist
845.486.4840, ext. 3087 
Brian Orzell, Special Education Training Specialist
845.486.4840, ext. 3109
Jane Thorpe, Transition Specialist
845.486.4840, ext. 3137
Local Special Education School Improvement Specialists (SESIS):
Erin Piquet, SESIS
845.486.4840, ext. 3118
Antonia Simao, SESIS
845.486.4840, ext. 3079
Sharon Carter, SESIS
845.291.0100, ext. 10788
Linda Lee, SESIS
845.291.0100, ext. 10789
Rosibel Gonzalez, SESIS
Barbara Hastie, SESIS
845.255.1402, ext. 1374
RSE-TASC is a New York State Education Department / Office of Special Education network of trained educators that will provide targeted technical assistance to school districts determined through the State Performance Plan Accountability System as At Risk, in Need of Assistance, or in Need of Intervention. RSE-TASC Services are part of a coordinated system of support in the Mid-Hudson Region for Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster counties that include:
  • Regional Coordinator and Regional Team of Specialists
    • Regional Special Education Training Specialist
    • Bilingual Special Education Specialist
    • Transition Specialist
    • Behavior Specialist
    • Non-District Specialist
  • Local Special Education School Improvement Specialist in each BOCES
The role of the RSE-TASC is to build the capacity of school districts and educators to support the achievement of students with disabilities.  
The purpose of the local Special Education School Improvement Specialist (SESIS) at each BOCES is to work closely with the targeted districts as identified through a regional planning process. The School Improvement Specialist will focus their work with school districts in each county to improve instructional practices primarily in areas of literacy, positive behavior supports, and special education services for students with disabilities.
The SESIS can offer the following services:
  • Conduct an analysis of data with the district relating to results for students with disabilities.
  • Conduct an analysis and review of instructional practices using Quality Indicator Review and Resource Guides.
  • Develop upfront agreements with districts/schools.
  • Facilitate the development, implementation, and revision of Quality Improvement Process (QIP) to ensure systemic change.
  • Provide Staff Development and Resources to improve instructional programs and practices for students with disabilites as identified in the QIP.
  • Assure systems of progress monitoring are established, implemented and analyzed.


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